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What to do in Bacalar

Canal de los Piratas

The Canal de los Piratas connects the Hondo River with the Lagoon of Seven Colours. Its fine sulphurous sands are famous for their exfoliating properties. It is also a great place to enjoy unique sunsets.

Sailboat tour of the Bacalar Lagoon

The calm waters of the Lagoon of Seven Colours are perfect for a tranquil sailing trip. Use the air currents to your advantage and discover a stunning landscape.

Visit the Cenote Negro

Also known as "El Cenote de la Bruja" (Witch's Cenote), this is one of the five cenotes of the Bacalar Lagoon and is also the deepest, at up to 180 metres. You can snorkel and watch the rock walls disappear into the depths.

Town of Buenavista

Discover the charming hidden gems of the beautiful town of Buenavista as you stroll through the streets. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the local flora and fauna!

Visit the Fuerte de San Felipe

This fort was built by the Spanish to defend against attacks by English, French and Dutch pirates. Inside you will find the Caste War Museum and a small museum dedicated to piracy in the Caribbean.